Onsite Audio Recordings

Here at conference media pros, we offer professional audio recording services to your conferences nationwide. Our top of the line equipment and incessant desire to provide excellent service to our clients brings out the best possible experience for all attendees. Each speaker at the conference will be hooked up to a wireless microphone, providing first-rate audio footage that’s loud, crisp, and clear. Along with wireless microphones, we also provide equipment that allows us to hook up to the in-house sound boards or mixers. Bringing back up equipment with us to each event is always a must, and in the event that one of our electronics fail, we will be able to quickly and efficiently fix the problem. While at your event, we start editing the audio right away, so there are no long waits in getting your copy of all your favorite speakers. As we edit, we take our time in making sure each piece of audio sounds pure with no defects or loud pops. Use an access code on your website to directly download the audio online, or receive CDs or DVDs of the audio to play at your own convenience.

Onsite Video Recordings

Conference media pros not only specialize in audio recordings, but also video recordings of all your conference speakers. We film with professional grade Sony video equipment and place back up recording systems on each of the cameras in use. Wireless microphones are used on the keynote speakers, as well as plugging into the in-house soundboard. Reliability is key, and we want to make sure there are no errors while recording. Videos are edited within a few days of the conference and will be available for streaming or downloading through an access code on your website or provided as an MP4 on a DVD.

Our Packages